When Words Won’t Do: Je Ne Sais Quoi in Paris

(Jacob Bielanski/September 2012)

Family. Cheese. Croissants. And, honestly, a lot less B.O. than I expected. Though the smell of urine permeates many corners, Paris is still a hell of a place to kill a few days. Hopefully, these photos serve as proof of that.

Narrow streets are romantic, even if they seem a nightmare for the waste disposal workers who drove through during this photo. (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
The Catholics epitomized a concept I like to call “dominance via ridiculously huge buildings” through the Notre Dame Cathedral. (Jamie Peacock/2012)
What makes a sight like Notre Dame truly breathtaking is its sheer enormity. The adornments in one small corner probably represent 100 man hours. Here are two of dozens of intricate stain glass windows, hung above massive brass chandeliers. (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
A view of a particularly large stainED glass window from inside Notre Dame (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
And the same window as the last picture, but from the outside. (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
The french cafe experience can lend even a little bit of intrigue to the nerdiest subject. (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
A scene from the Seine River at night. In the background, a marching-style band plays a rendition of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.” (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
That would be the Eiffel Tower beaming light into the sky, in this nighttime shot of the Seine River. (Jamie Peacock/September 2012)
(Jacob Bielanski/September 2012)

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