When Words Won’t Do: Farleigh Castle and Other Old English stuff (Salisbury)

Turret at Farleigh Castle. (Jamie Peacock/2012)

Once you figure out how not to crash cars while driving on the left side of the road, the island of “England” just opens up. You can virtually fling a dart at a map of the U.K. and hit a destination full of history and quaintness; in fact, that’s virtually what we did. On our way to Salisbury (for a giant cathedral) and Bath (for, well, ancient baths, I guess?) we found ourselves delightfully diverted to small churches and ancient castles.

We were never more too far from a nice warm, flat pint.

Here are some visual highlights, worthy of your time.

Turret at Farleigh Castle. (Jamie Peacock/2012)
I love how interactive Europe makes history. Of course, I probably still wasn’t allowed to climb up to this turret window. (Jamie Peacock/2012)
(Lilian Peacock/2012)
This centuries-old church was just hanging out in the one-horse town of Shrewton. Lily provides are great size scale.
Yep, ages-old graves, filled we people that aren’t even Jim Morrison. WTF? (Jacob Bielanski/2012)
“No fat chicks,” says the English equivalent of the Surgeon General, regarding this aged cider. Or maybe it has something to do with pregnant women. I can never tell with the English. (Jacob Bielanski/2012)
They did not f^$k around when it came to doors in the 15th century. Lily and I stand in front of the Salisbury Cathedral. (Jamie Peacock/2012)
Home of one of the original four surviving copies of the Magna Carta. And, also, it’s f#^king huge. (Jamie Peacock/2012)
They have a door for every occasion in Salibury–even adorable photo ops. (Jamie Peacock/2012)
On our way to Bath, a Castle reared it’s head. Why not? (Jamie Peacock/2012)

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