We are back! And expanding!

Wow, what a year! We’ve unfortunately taken a rather long hiatus from our blog and honestly, most of our “fun” projects. After leaving Mexico, we spent a month in New Orleans, then went back to Wisconsin until September. We had a fabulous trip out west (mostly centered on Moab), then arrived back in time to back up and ┬áhead back to New Orleans, where we’ve been since.

In November, we moved into a new house (yay!), which has given us an endless supply of projects and houseguests. Before we knew it, the holidays were here then gone. More travel (Lily and I had a great solo venture back to Mexico), more guests, but most of all, more Peaskis! Yes, we learned that we’ve got another little adventurer joining our krewe this August. We cannot wait to meet him!

More blogs are forthcoming and this time, we’ll stay on the ball!

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