Video: A “final” homeschooling exam on ants

Ants in Mahahual, Mexico
A line of ants skirts along the edge of the wall of an apartment in Mahahual, Mexico in mid-May, 2016. (Jacob Bielanski /

We are homeschooling Lily while in a sleepy beach town in Mexico. When you have a GoPro, an infestation of ants, and a mandate to provide your second-grader with a quality education absent the support of a state-funded school system–well, this happens:

We made the video by setting a GoPro on its “time lapse” function, then piecing it all together in the free-but-not-that-powerful Windows Movie Maker. For this video, I had Lily wired up to catch her reaction (and responses to my prompts/questions) and put that over top.

I’d give her an A-…she didn’t correctly remember that the “smell” ants leave was called a pheromone. 😉

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