About the Peaskis

“Peaski’s” is a portmanteau of “Peacock” and “Bielanski.” Certain government records maintain a hyphen between the two, but we found “Peaskis” to be significantly catchier.

We are a small family with a habitual traveling problem. As of the founding of this blog, we were preparing to spend a month traveling to Tarragona, Spain, by way of Keflavik (Iceland), London, Paris, and Leipzig. It’s the overland route.

Only a few months later, and we’re in the Dominican Republic for a month.

Jamie started out studying psychology and is now obsessed, at a graduate level, with people trying to learn English. When time allows, she also takes really cool pictures.

Jacob is a freelance writer/journalist. He considers Wisconsin his “home,” and blogs the hell out of that place through Baby in a Bar.

Lily wears many hats, including (but not limited to) princess and superhero.

It’s a hard life, but we blog about it here.

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